You know, littles are really just like outside children with all of their questions. We have a friend who also has DID and she has a little I call the professor sometimes. Today she was asking me which came first the color orange or the fruit. I usually try to come up with some kind of answer even if she knows I just made it up LOL, so I told her the fruit. Of course that answer didn’t satisfy her because then she asked if the fruit was the color blue then what would happen to the color orange. Foolishly I thought that would be the most difficult question she would ask today but it wasn’t.  Then I realized its was no tougher than questions our littles have been asking for 3 years.

I’ve always gotten along well with littles for some reason and Ive made it a point, whether they are littles in our system or littles in a friends system to always be honest with them no mater what. The main reason I do that is because in my opinion I think they have already been hurt and lied to enough to last a lifetime that we owe them that respect. So what do you do when a little asks you a question about something that still confuses you? I can remember when Rebe, one of our littles use to ask us all the time “why mommy didn’t want us”  I mean how the hell do you answer that when you don’t know yourself.

In the recent past our system was in a difficult situation that when we were finally able to get out of it many, especially the littles, were hurt very badly. I believe its why the Big switched over into ultra over protective mode and then burned out.  When anyone, not just people with DID but I believe anyone who has endured some type of abuse, trust is a very big issue. So when you let down your walls to trust someone and then have that trust betrayed you end up with chaos. At least thats what happened with us.  I’m not a therapist and I won’t pretend to be one, so I don’t know if that person knew what they were doing or not, I just know the effect it had on us.  So when one of our littles asks if that person is bad all we can do is pick them up, hold them and let them know that us older ones will be watching a lot harder in the future so they won’t have to go through that pain again.